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Cape Spear is the leading real estate company in Turkey
Cape spear was established in 2016 with the aim of providing real estate consultancy inside Turkey to all Arab and foreign nationalities, but it helps them get the best real estate commensurate with the customer’s goal of buying

In the previous year, we helped many clients around the world to get the property they dream of, whether for the purpose of obtaining real estate residence in Turkey or obtaining Turkish citizenship, with exclusive discounts and with multiple payment systems that suit all segments

By contracting with the largest construction companies in Turkey, we can provide our clients with the property they are looking for at a very reasonable price, with exclusive discounts, and the longest installments in Turkey.

With our distinguished staff, we have been able to serve more than 10,000 customers over the years of the company’s work.

Our staff is multinational and multilingual so that we can provide our customers with the best service and the easiest way to communicate

We also have a team of lawyers to follow up on matters of Turkish citizenship for clients wishing to own and obtain Turkish citizenship

We provide after-sales services related to legal and service matters such as providing translation services in government institutions and opening water, electricity, gas and internet meters

We also provide real estate management services such as managing the property, offering it for rent and following it up, and if the client wants to resell the property, we take the matter on his behalf.

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In this article, we gathered the most important home buying tips in Turkey

نصائح هامة لمشتري العقارات الأجانب في تركيا

مما لا شك منه، أن شراء منزل جديد هو أمر يدعو للابتهاج...
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A complete guide on how to buy a property in Turkey

الدليل الشامل عن كيفية شراء عقار في تركيا

لطالما احتلت تركيا مكانة مميزة في سوق العقارات على...
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Currently Turkey real estate market is facing challenges, and on its way to recover.

نظرة عامة عن سوق العقارات التركي

نظرة عامة عن سوق العقارات التركية شهد سوق العقارات...
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أكمل القراءة

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