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In this article, we gathered the most important home buying tips in Turkey

Home Buying Tips for First-Time Buyers in Turkey

Buying a home in Turkey is exciting due to the various property options available for sale at prices relatively lower compared to similar properties in other countries. As a foreign property buyer in Turkey, you will be pampered with houses equipped with the latest technologies like smart-home systems, high-quality building materials with high earthquake resistance, and extraordinary views of the sea,...

A complete guide on how to buy a property in Turkey

The Ultimate Guide on How to Buy a Property in Turkey

.For decadesTurkey has been an attractive place to buy property due to its nature, diverse culture, reasonable property prices and the Turkish government facilities for foreign investors among many other reasons. Thus, if you are considering buying a property in Turkey, this article is a good start for you, as it goes through all you need to know. Here, we have provided a holistic view of the process...

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