Return on Investment (ROI)

A great ROI for a better fortune.

In the past three years, real estate prices in Istanbul have increased by 41% and 106% the past five years. The sales price of residential properties in all cities is around 11.55% per annum, while the property rental price has increased by 4.89%.

What differentiates Istanbul from other cities in Turkey is the very high and competitive return on investment in Istanbul real estate.


Real estate in Istanbul offers many opportunities with excellent returns on investment, and some projects offer guaranteed ROI.

The method of calculating the return on property investment varies depending on the type of investment. Istanbul is characterized by high demand and high supply, which explains the high ROI of real estate, making the city the second-highest ROI city in the world.

Guaranteed return on investment in Turkey is one of the essential advantages of real estate investment; foreign investors can own residential or commercial properties with guaranteed annual returns of up to 10% of the property value and generate a profitable return.

An average of 7%-12% is the rental return on investment in Istanbul real estate

Cities with the highest ROI in Turkey

Istanbul annual capital gain
Antalya annual capital gain
Ankara annual capital gain
Izmir annual capital gain

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