How to attain citizenship?

Ways to attain Turkish Citizenship

Turkey is a country with an excellent economy and a great future. Hence, Turkish identification is a wellspring of pride for some individuals, a genuine gift for you and your family. Turkey is a blend of the old and current western world. Getting Turkish Citizenship holds many advantages.

The good news is that foreigners have three easy ways to obtain Turkish Nationality.

3 common ways

Property worth 400,000$

By purchasing a property in Turkey worth $ 400,000, you can get a Turkish passport for you as well as your family right away.

Employ 50 Turkish People

Most investors follow this process and employ 50 Turkish people in their business organisation, institute, or company to obtain Turkish Citizenship.

Invest in Bank

As per the new law of Turkey, assuming that you put $ 500,000 in the banks of this country for some time, you will be allowed a Turkish passport. During this period, interest will be given to you.

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