buy a property in Turkey

A complete guide on how to buy a property in Turkey

The Ultimate Guide on How to Buy a Property in Turkey

.For decadesTurkey has been an attractive place to buy property due to its nature, diverse culture, reasonable property prices and the Turkish government facilities for foreign investors among many other reasons. Thus, if you are considering buying a property in Turkey, this article is a good start for you, as it goes through all you need to know. Here, we have provided a holistic view of the process...

Currently Turkey real estate market is facing challenges, and on its way to recover.

An Overview of Turkey Real Estate Market

Starting from 2012 to this year Turkey real estate market has proven its place among global markets and has been among the top 20 desirable markets for foreign investment. Many factors played significant reasons to place Turkey in an important position in the international real estate market. For instance, to mention a few, its geographic location, beautiful nature, urbanization development projects,...

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